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Integrative Growth Institute helps entrepreneurs and CEOs grow themselves and their companies to greatness. At IGI, we leverage strategic diagnostics to uncover the root cause of your business obstacles, remove your blind spots, and then create a completely customized roadmap to achieve your big, hairy audacious goals.

Our founders, Dr. Nicole Rivera and Dr. Nick Carruthers, are integrative doctors, business strategists, human behavior coaches, and above all entrepreneurs. 

They are the experts that have weaved together the Scaling Up methods of Verne Harnish, the human behavior work of Dr. Demartini, and their first hand experience growing and scaling a multi-million dollar practice. Together, they have created an elite approach to scaling your business and growing yourself. 

how to work with us
The Growth Accelerator

For the Entrepreneur Ready to Scale

Take your business to the next level with our year long private coaching program that weaves together Scaling Up and 3HAG methodologies as well as the human behavior and executive mindset coaching inspired by The Demartini Method. 
  • Work one on one with Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole
  • Clear blind spots, remove limiting beliefs on growth, and determine your personal and business values using Demartini Method
  • ​A customized roadmap strategically crafted to serve your values, business goals, and pivot when necessary
  • A partner in your practice that will challenge you to grow and help you troubleshoot along the way
  • ​​Complimentary access to Growth Factory and the Integrative Wellness Program: Special offer to ECO attendees
  • ​Kickoff calls for the CEO and leadership team, monthly private coaching sessions, and 2 day retreats to set you and your team up for success
  • ​​And so much more.....
Executive Coaching
using The Demartini Method

For the Entrepreneur Searching for Clarity

In this unique version of executive coaching, Dr. Nick will leverage the Demartini Method, a cutting edge personal transformation methodology, to transform how you show up for your clients, employees, and yourself. Over the course of three sessions, Dr. Nick will help individuals get crystal clear on what’s most important to them, uncover your blind spots and collapse your limiting beliefs. 

How It Works:
  • Initial Appointment: This is a 60-minute appointment where you determine your top values, what is causing the most imbalance in your life, and what is truly holding you back in your business. This session will help identify the specific focus of your Demartini Method session.
  • The Demartini Method: ​This is a 120-minute appointment with Dr. Nick will guide you through The Demartini Method.
  • Follow-Up: This is a 60-minute follow-up that will teach you how to leverage your values and implement the strategies learned to serve yourself and your business.
Integrative Wellness Program

For Individuals Looking to Grow Clinical Knowledge

Elevate and evolve your practice with over 30 hours of clinical curriculum that pairs scientific data with real life clinical experience. Learn first hand from Dr. Nicole Rivera and Dr. Nick Carruthers, Integrative Doctors and entrepreneurs who are on the cutting edge of integrative medicine.

This course covers: 
  • A deeper look at the root cause to autoimmunity and integrative approaches to managing conditions
  • ​​Understanding Lyme Disease, Co-Infections, and Retroviruses
  • ​An Integrative approach to Hormonal imbalance, Thyroid Conditions, and the HPTA axis
  • ​Integrative approaches to Neurological Degeneration and overall Brain Health
  • ​​Debunking viral infections and their role in chronic illness
  • ​Understanding Mold Toxicity and Chronic Inflammatory Syndrome
  • ​​Evaluating heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, and chemical sensitivity
  • ​​Integrative approaches to nutrition and supplementation
  • ​Chronic Skin Conditions, Allergies, and sensitivities
Growth Factory

For Entrepreneurs Looking to Build a Foundation

Uncover the cracks in the foundation that are potentially keeping you from leveling up your business and your life. Dive into a series of five modules designed to teach you how to create the structure, clarity, and direction you’ve been looking for.

In Growth Factory you will learn...
  • The methodologies you need to create or strengthen the foundation of your business
  • How to not only grow and scale your business but to create long term sustainability.
  • ​How to take “energy sucking, emotionally taxing” out of your business and replace it with momentum and guidance to create the life and business you deserve
  • How to make the shift from being a business owner with a JOB to the CEO, championing your vision
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