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Take your business to the next level with our year long private coaching program that weaves together Scaling Up and 3HAG methodologies as well as the human behavior and executive mindset coaching inspired by The Demartini Method. 
  • Work one on one with Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole
  • Clear blind spots, remove limiting beliefs on growth, and determine your personal and business values using Demartini Method
  • ​A customized roadmap strategically crafted to serve your values, business goals, and pivot when necessary
  • A partner in your practice that will challenge you to grow and help you troubleshoot along the way
  • ​​Complimentary access to Growth Factory and the Integrative Wellness Program: Special offer to ECO attendees
  • ​Kickoff calls for the CEO and leadership team, monthly private coaching sessions, and 2 day retreats to set you and your team up for success
  • ​​And so much more.....
how it works


  • Determine the values of the CEO, the business using the Demartini Method
  • ​Evaluate organizational health and company culture to determine it's influence on company objectives
  • Assess the team's leadership psychology, communication style, and ability to execute
  • ​Get crystal clear on the values, vision, and goals of the CEO
  • Determine, with certainty, the Big Hairy Audacious Goals we will set out to achieve


  • Based on the diagnostics, our coaches create a highly achievable roadmap accomplish your goals and bring the vision to life.
  • ​Strategically crafted to serve the strengths and address the weaknesses of the CEO, the team, and the overall business.
  • ​Each stage is infiltrated with the tried and true methodologies of Scaling Up, 3HAG, and the human behavior expertise of Dr. Nick
  • ​Built with the ability to pivot as you, your business, and the economy changes.


  • Implementation of your roadmap alongside your coach
  • ​Monthly focuses include refining processes, improving team behaviors and enhancing accountability (just to name a few). 
  • ​Address what is working, what is not, and implement solutions tailored to the real time hiccups in your business.
  • ​Be challenged to take your energy, awareness, and business to the next level
  • Diagnostic testing for the CEO and team  
  • ​Monthly private coaching sessions
  • ​1/2 private kickoff session with the CEO
  • ​2 day team kickoff (onsite or virtual)
  • ​2 day year end annual planning and strategy session
  • ​Ability to troubleshoot with the IGI team in areas such as operations, marketing, client success and sales
  • ​Complimentary access to the Integrative Wellness Program
  • ​Complimentary access to The Growth Factory
  • ​Ability to troubleshoot with the IGI team in areas such as operations, marketing, client success and sales.

Program kick off begins January 3rd. Only 3 spots available.

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